Vegan-friendly and gluten-free

The future is plant-based and we’re on board! We’ve designed a vegan menu to make it easy for you to relax, rest easy and know that you’re choosing something entirely animal-free.

We have lots of love for our diners, no matter what their requirements and preferences may be. Our pizzas have always been terrifically adaptable – with a simple swap for a non-dairy cheese, many of our vegetarian pizzas are perfectly vegan-friendly.

Our homemade tomato sauce has always been vegan-friendly and with roasted courgette, aubergine, red and yellow peppers, red onion, dairy-free cheese and fresh basil The Good Life is packed with plant-based deliciousness. We’ve also got the ever-popular Hazelnutter, which stands out with spinach, field mushrooms, caramelised onion, green beans, dairy-free cheese and hazelnuts to top it all off. As if that’s not enough, our Vegan Menu also boasts a Vegan Margherita and The Pretty Green, with a vegan pesto base, roasted courgette, peas, chilli flakes and dairy-free cheese to boot.

Although famous for our sourdough pizza, our gluten-free base is just as delicious, and carefully made in batches in a flour-free environment. Simply ask to make the swap when you order and your pizza will be transformed – for free! Many of our starters, salads and sides are naturally gluten-free, but if you have any questions, our Stablehands would be happy to help guide your choice.

Sit back, choose your favourite and enjoy, safe in the knowledge that we have designed our whole menu with you in mind, taking every care to make sure your experience is entirely plant-based and/or easily gluten-free. And, as ever, our ciders are all-fruit, all the time!

To blow the horn, wave the flag, raise awareness and celebrate veganism, we frequently hold Free Vegan Pizza Nights. If you want one, shout! Tell us and we’ll make plans…