Peace out, Patch

Patch Bournemouth

It’s the end of an era. Patch, our executive chef, has left The Stable after nine years.

Patrick started with us in 2010 as a kitchen porter in Bridport, and has stuck by, through thick and thin, working hard, giving his all and earning his stripes to become our Executive Chef. He’s seen us through it all – from a two-man kitchen to the all-singing-all-dancing pizza Mecca that we are today. He’s kept it real all along – having fun, being creative and making truly delicious food. Patch pioneered our Pizza School, took us vegan, and broke all the rules when it came to topping our bases.

He’s been a real pleasure to work with – you could say Patch embodies The Stable, but in reality, I think we’ve evolved to be like Patch. He’s set the tone and we’ve loved his groove.

Thanks, Patch. You’re a total legend and we can’t wait to see what you do next. You’ll smash it, that’s for sure.

Love and peace,
Your Stable Family xx

Patch at Bridport

Patch & Becky