Green Christmas

Sure, snow would be nice, but we’re dreaming of a Green Christmas!

Christmas is about showing you care, and we’ve gone to great lengths to show that we care not only about you, but about the whole planet too.

These days, Christmas can be a costly season, both for your wallet and the earth. Millions of tons of decorations are produced and then thrown away each year, and we wanted to celebrate with a lighter conscience.

Our Christmas decorations have all been handmade by repurposing bits n’ baubles from around the restaurant.

Feeling like the three wise men, we’ve focused on three ways to lessen our impact on the earth this Christmastime:

We’ve REDUCED the number of items that would end up as waste. Instead of buying plastic decorations and single-use crackers filled with little bits of rubbish, we’re donating to MIND, the mental health charity. Sure, the crackers bring a smile to your face when you pull them, but we’re in it for long term happiness. Not to mention the enormous reduction in carbon footprint – most of our decorations traveled zero miles once they were made.

We’re REUSING items that would normally end up as waste. Our team of elves spent weeks collecting and melting down the ends of 600 candles we use on our tables, pouring the wax into moulds and making the 5,100 beautiful white stars that hang proudly.

8,500 old menus have been RECYCLED and lovingly folded to create the paper chains and the 3,400 star decorations adorning our ceilings and the bar. That’s practically a whole sky’s worth! (well maybe not, but still pretty good going!) Everything else was made using 100% recycled material too.

Most importantly, during our ‘Making Days’, our Stablehands had the chance to sit down together as friends and colleagues, blow off some steam and spend quality time together, chatting and getting crafty. They’ve not only made the decorations, but they’ve built relationships with one another, face to face. In doing the earth a favour, they’ve also contributed to their own wellbeing.

For us, that’s the true meaning of Christmas!