Gone Green

Sustainability is more than a trend. For us at The Stable, it is a way of life. We think twice about how we impact our surroundings by minimising our waste and maximising our awareness. We’re fresh and we don’t want any of our products to outlive us.

We have taken the “Plastic Free Pledge” and have eliminated non-biodegradable drinking straws from our bar, replacing them with a compostable alternative. We are proud to say #StrawsAreForSuckers. This move, which has been spurred on by increased awareness of the problem with plastics in the planet’s water systems and oceans, is close to our hearts. We know all too well about the impact beach litter and discarded rubbish has on the local wildlife and ecosystems. Head to to read more about reducing plastic waste.

We are also proud to be participating in the Refill Scheme. With a sticker on display, we invite passersby to stop in to refill reusable water bottles with fresh tap water, in an effort to reduce one-time-use plastic bottles. With no purchase necessary, this is a simple way that we hope to make a bigger difference. Having started in London, the scheme has been rolled out across the country, with restaurants, cafes, galleries and businesses coming on board to help. Find out more at

All of our paper products, including napkins, toilet paper and kitchen towel are biodegradable. And with new brand guidelines in place, we have chosen a variety of recycled products for our company stationary and menus.

One item that remains unchanged is our 100% recycled cardboard pizza boxes. These have always been recyclable and always will be.

Eco-minded year round, our Christmas decorations every year are made from recycled products and are handmade by our team. Read more about it here.

Our Green Policy is important to us and is always evolving. Keep an eye on our social media as we take more steps in the direction of a greener future.