Cider Tasting Boards

We lead the march in the Cider Revolution and want to make as much noise as possible! It is our duty to provide you with a vast selection of cider, so you can make an educated decision when it comes to your chosen pint.

We know it’s a big deal – whether you’ve always liked cider, never liked cider or are tasting it for the first time since one too many sips earlier in life (… we’ve all been there) – it’s important to choose something that really gets your motor running. We know there’s something for everyone; but sometimes it takes practice to find the right one – delicious, thirst quenching practice.

When you rock up to the bar, you’ll be served by someone who really knows their apples. Ask for samples and recommendations – you’re always welcome to try before you commit. If you’re in a browsing mood, go for a Cider Tasting Board. Curated by our Cider Masters, you’ll be introduced to five third-of-a-pint glasses, offering you a trip along the spectrum of cider flavours, characters and styles.

From sweet to scrumpy, sparkling to still, with some perry occasionally thrown in for good measure, it’s our way of showcasing new and different ciders. We change it up often, but always make sure to vary the styles throughout the selection. Each Tasting Board comes with a Tasting Card you can take away with you. Make notes on which you liked, so when you come back, you can get exactly what you want – or spin the wheel again and go for another Tasting Board. Practice makes perfect.

Once you’ve sampled the Cider Tasting Board, you can dive into our Cider Experiences… but let’s take it one step at a time.