Cider Master Exams

To prove their prowess, The Stable’s Cider Masters completed Cider Exams, which were set for them by our committee of Cider Experts. Now certifiable know-it-alls, the 23 “cider sommeliers” are on hand to provide recommendations, pairings, tasting notes and cider experiences.

It was a tough test, one that the Cider Masters had been working towards taking for several months. They have been put through a rigorous training course with tastings and research done into every step of cider-making.

David Gough, our head honcho says “We are the only company who are dedicating time and effort into training our staff to this level of cider schooling; all so that we can provide an unprecedented level of knowledge to our customers. Our Cider Master journey is leading the current uprising of the Cider revolution and we want everyone to join.”

With questions including “describe the aroma, flavour and mouthfeel characteristics of a Dessert Apple style cider” and “why would a cider maker would use a wild yeast?”, it was not a class full of aced tests. Befitting the occasion, the first exams took place at Sandford Orchards on the traditional day of Wassail, the 17th of January, and were followed by a very cidery celebration. With nods to the pagan ritual, the group welcomed in the new growing year and made wishes for a good apple harvest, before joining in traditional folk songs and apple-themed games and food. The centrepiece of the Wassail celebrations was an apple tree over 100-years in age.

23 is our starting point, but we intend to turn every man, woman and child into a Cider Master. The next group are in training, like cider ninjas, preparing themselves for a lifetime of devotion to the cause.