Become a Master of Mother’s Day

Step aboard the Mother’s Day Express and become Child of the Year by bringing your Mum to The Stable. You’ve done the flowers and chocolate thing before – they’re always popular, but never surprising, are they? You could take her out for a roast lunch, but doesn’t she make the best one herself? Why compete?!

Here at The Stable, we offer you the opportunity to look like the most thoughtful child, who has taken her every whim into consideration. Here are just a few of the ways that bringing Mum to us makes Mother’s Day a special event –

Treat her to a pizza with all her favourite toppings on it. Has she just gone vegan? Support her in her new choices – we can cater for that! Does she eat avocado with every meal? She sounds like the coolest Mum ever – we’ve got you covered! Even if she survives on nothing but chocolate, we’ve got a pizza for that too. We’ll even do the washing up!

Whatever drink is her tipple of choice, our range of wine, beer, bubbly, tea, coffee, soft drinks and ciders are sure to satisfy. Whether she’d like to dive into a Cider Tasting Board or enjoy a nice cuppa, we’ve got options to suit all scenarios.

To prove to her that she’s the sweetest, turn to our pudding menu. With a fruity option, a chocolatey option and a fruity chocolate combo, she’s bound to get the message and satisfy her sweet tooth.

What’s her vibe? If she loves a party and a buzz, then bring her in and bask in the fun atmosphere and tunes. If she prefers a little peace and quiet, you can always take-away, so she can rest easy, put her feet up and indulge in the serenity of home.

However it plays out, this year is your chance to break from tradition and treat your Mum to a special, thoughtful Mother’s Day.

If all else fails, sign her up to do a bungee jump, but tell her you’re taking her to the spa. That’ll go down a treat 😉